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Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

11 Jun

Posted by: Katie

Now that it’s summer and super hot I have had a constant supply of popsicles in my freezer. In anticipation of one of my favorite people coming home from Taiwan, I made sure to make one her favorite treats, chocolate covered banana pops!

The supplies:

Supplies (without the parchment paper)

A big bunch of bananas,

wooden skewer sticks

semi sweet chocolate chips

a make shift double broiler

parchment & wax paper

I peeled the naners, cut them in half and put skewer sticks through them.

Ready to dunk

I do not have a double broiler right now so I macguivered one with a small pot and loaf pan. Careful trying this at home folks, but it has worked perfectly for me. I put water in the pot and brought it to a slow boil and put the bag of semi sweet chocolates in the loaf pan. It slowly melted and I used a spatula to mix it up until it was completely smooth. Then I dunked the bananas on skewers and spread the chocolate around the banana with the spatula.

Makeshift double broiler

Dunk & Twirl

I placed the chocolate covered bananas on the parchment paper and wrapped them up in saran wrap to stick in the freezer.

When you take them out of the freezer you get a chilly and tasty treat!

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