Katie’s Hair Routine

8 May

Posted by: Katie

Big hair is my favorite. Actually, just having as much hair as possible. You know how Barbie’s hair is about twice as big as her body? That’s what I’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, while I was blessed with a lot of hair, it’s thin and so straight that it can look a little flat. It also takes a little while to grow and tends to stop at a certain point, so after trying several different products I’ve managed to grow my hair out a couple extra inches. Here are my keys to more growth and volume.

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo & Conditioner

This is for real. My friend Katy started using it and swore that it helped her hair grow. Because she has such a flowing mane, I got some for myself. I went to Walgreens and found a giant bottle for about $6. Fantastic. Colby saw it and said, “Is this animal shampoo?” It does have animal AND human instructions on the bottle, and a big picture of a horse so I understood the confusion, but this was for me. I use this most of the time (about 4 times a week) and because it’s good to switch up products occasionally, I also use the following;

Biolage Hydrating Shampoo

I used to always get volumizing shampoos (for obvious reasons) but now I go for moisturizing shampoos. I found that I like treating my dry hair against breakage and then use volumizing styling products afterward. This shampoo is light enough that I don’t feel like my hair is weighed down when I use it, and it smells and feels great. I use this when I don’t use the Mane ‘n Tail, so about 3 times a week.

Biolage Conditioning Balm

I use the Biolage Conditioning Balm about once a week in place of my conditioner, after I have used the Biolage hydrating shampoo. You leave it in for about 5 minutes so wash your hair first, then shave your legs or wash your body, etc. then rinse out the conditioner. It is awesome and makes your hair feel like silk.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique 

After I have towel dried my hair I apply a quarter size of Ciment Thermique. Kerastase is not cheap but I think this product is liquid gold. It has definitely made an improvement on the strength and look of my hair. This is a thermo-protective reconstructive milk for weakened hair and protects hair from styling tools.

Kerastase Volumactive Mousse

I don’t use the Volumactive mousse every time but it is very helpful with achieving substantial volume. If I want a lot of volume without styling my hair then this product will do that just by working it in before I blow dry my hair. It is the best mousse I have ever used. This might sound weird but I think blonde hair can tend to look greasy with some products. I think mousse and gel are the trickiest products for a  blonde to use because they can leave too much residue. This product is not too sticky but gets the job done. If you style your hair after using this product you will get a good hold as well.

Farouk CHI Professional 1300-watt Low EMF Hair Dryer

I air dry my hair when possible, mostly on the weekends or when I wash my hair at night during the week. But when I don’t air dry, I blow dry with this baby. I have had mine for about 4-5 years. It dries my hair quickly and doesn’t get it all tangled. I dry my hair upside down (you probably already know this, but it adds volume) and use a paddle brush to control it.

Finally, it’s been important for me, because I color my hair, to find a salon that uses products that compliment my hair. I found that while Redken is a great product, my hair just doesn’t respond as well and feels dry when I use those products and colors. So that is up to everyone’s own hair and is something you need to try out through trial and error.

My hair wizard is Nicole at Swank Salon.  If you’re looking for an amazing stylist in downtown Phoenix that, not only does your hair crazy good but will also make you laugh the whole time, look no further. Call 602-265-3068 for an appointment.

It’s a Swank -y little salon

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Favorites from the Weekend!

7 May

It’s beginning to transition from perfect weather to summer weather here (steady 91 degrees) which means the pool water is finally warm!  We spent the weekend sunbathing in preparation for the summer trips we have planned.  Even Cookie Monster had her fair share. *Liz*

The Avengers
This movie was great! Colby was really excited about it so we went on Friday night and I would totally recommend it. I loved Iron Man and Thor so this was a nice addition to the mix. I laughed a lot and there was a ton of action for the guys. *Katie*

Non Cinco De Mayo Festivities
We were not intending on not celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year. We even started out with margaritas at Pedros. But then when the group of us were trying to decide what to do next we somehow settled on the girls getting dessert treats, guys getting more cocktails and Mexican beer, and us converging to play the game Apples to Apples at the pool. It was pretty fun and a non conventional way to celebrate the holiday. *Katie*

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

4 May

…with a free weekend!
No traveling, no set plans, no must-do items. Just margaritas and pool time (assuming this flu is completely gone). Have a great Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!! *Liz*

DIY File Cabinet

24 Apr

Posted by: Katie

I have a little silver filing cabinet in my room to “hold all of my files”, as Colby likes to tease. I do have a lot of files. I am an adult. Ha.

So there it has been, sitting in my room, looking very industrial and only kinda matching my room because it is silver. So this last weekend I made it a lot more me.

I took off the handles in front and used painters tap to cover the holes and edges just in case my spray painting got out of control.

I spray painted the top and sides a gloss white.

I also sprayed the hardware white.

I had printed off a couple of sheets of black and white pattern I liked.

I used modge podge to put a light layer on the metal and put the paper on from top to bottom. Then I coated the top with two layers of modge podge.

This part took the longest.

The finished product:

Yay! It made my whole room look better.

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Apr

…with my wedding movie
Holy cow, you guys, I spent at least 100 man hours piecing together all of the raw footage from our wedding into a 40 minute movie.  It looks pretty amazing though, Katie and her dad watched it the other night when we had family dinner and they both cried. Success! *Liz*

…with Breaking Bad
I know I’m a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon, but the show is so intense I can’t get enough.  In fact, I watched too many episodes one day and had dreams about cooking meth.  Probably gonna lay off for a while… *Liz*

…with Hualalai Cake
So in love, in fact, that Dave and I are going to Kona this weekend just to get some.  Fatties much?  Maybe I really am obese….  *Liz*

Oreo crust, Kona coffee ice cream, fudge. MMmmmmmmmm...

…with Congratulations Tulips from Liz
I put in my two week notice at my current job this past Monday! My last day is April 27th and the first day at my new job is April 30th! I am very excited about the new opportunity and love that it comes with prizes like these tulips! *Katie*

…with Corgis
I don’t have one myself, in fact I have never had a dog, but I think these might be the cutest little ones. The first time I ever saw one was at a house for New Years and its body was kind of normal sized and it disappeared behind the coffee table because of its short little legs. I died. They make me smile so much.  *Katie*

Corgi in a tree

Lobster Corgi

Mama Duck Corgi

Sleeping Corgi

DIY Dressed Up Keys

17 Apr

Posted by: Katie

This DIY is as easy as painting your nails! Without worrying about the opposite hand thing, so even easier!

I had three little keys I wanted to dress up so I got three different, but complementary, colors and painted the top with a couple of coats each.

I used a chunky glitter nail polish to give them a top coat and some sparkle.

Ka-pow. You’re done.

Ellwood Monarch Grove & Santa Barbara

12 Apr

Posted by: Katie

This last December I met up with my brother in LA and we went up to visit our mom and aunt in Santa Barbara (we took the train- it took only about two hours. So much fun).

We did all sorts of fun things but one of my favorite adventures was going  to the Coronado Butterfly Preserve! It is in Goleta, CA close to the University of California, Santa Barbara campus and was such a surprise treat. I never knew that when Monarch butterflies migrate South they come together in certain spots and I guess this is a place that they stop and huddle together (cuddling butterflies!) for their “over-wintering time” which is typically from November through February. The recommended months for seeing the peak number of butterflies are December and January.

This way to butterflies

The Monarchs were hanging from the eucalyptus tree branches in huge clusters and apparently when the weather is a little warmer or the sun is on them, they fly around more. When we came upon the clusters I was shocked to see how big and how many of them there were. We did see butterflies flying around but it was not like a snowglobe with butterflies all around you (although that would have been cool too). It was such a beautiful, quiet place that I felt really lucky to have been able to experience it.

Those aren't all leaves they are thousands of butterflies!

Butterfly clusters high in the trees

The preserve is 9.3 acres and encompasses the butterfly grove, woodlands and meadows and trails linking the Ellwood Main Monarch Grove to Ellwood Shores coastal bluffs, Ellwood Mesa. Spearling Preserve Open Space, the Devereux Slough and the beach. The trails are not “hikes” and you can wear flip flops comfortably, although you might prefer wearing shoes because it can get a little muddy in areas. If you continue past the grove like we did you will come to a beautiful bluff overlooking the ocean.

My mom and brother

Other notable things from that trip that I would like to revisit were the Farmers Market on State Street, San Ysidro Ranch and the beach.

Farmer's Market on State Street


San Ysidro Ranch

I am excited for my next trip to see my mom, aunt and more of Santa Barbara.

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