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Favorites from the Weekend!

7 May

It’s beginning to transition from perfect weather to summer weather here (steady 91 degrees) which means the pool water is finally warm!  We spent the weekend sunbathing in preparation for the summer trips we have planned.  Even Cookie Monster had her fair share. *Liz*

The Avengers
This movie was great! Colby was really excited about it so we went on Friday night and I would totally recommend it. I loved Iron Man and Thor so this was a nice addition to the mix. I laughed a lot and there was a ton of action for the guys. *Katie*

Non Cinco De Mayo Festivities
We were not intending on not celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year. We even started out with margaritas at Pedros. But then when the group of us were trying to decide what to do next we somehow settled on the girls getting dessert treats, guys getting more cocktails and Mexican beer, and us converging to play the game Apples to Apples at the pool. It was pretty fun and a non conventional way to celebrate the holiday. *Katie*


Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Apr

…with my wedding movie
Holy cow, you guys, I spent at least 100 man hours piecing together all of the raw footage from our wedding into a 40 minute movie.  It looks pretty amazing though, Katie and her dad watched it the other night when we had family dinner and they both cried. Success! *Liz*

…with Breaking Bad
I know I’m a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon, but the show is so intense I can’t get enough.  In fact, I watched too many episodes one day and had dreams about cooking meth.  Probably gonna lay off for a while… *Liz*

…with Hualalai Cake
So in love, in fact, that Dave and I are going to Kona this weekend just to get some.  Fatties much?  Maybe I really am obese….  *Liz*

Oreo crust, Kona coffee ice cream, fudge. MMmmmmmmmm...

…with Congratulations Tulips from Liz
I put in my two week notice at my current job this past Monday! My last day is April 27th and the first day at my new job is April 30th! I am very excited about the new opportunity and love that it comes with prizes like these tulips! *Katie*

…with Corgis
I don’t have one myself, in fact I have never had a dog, but I think these might be the cutest little ones. The first time I ever saw one was at a house for New Years and its body was kind of normal sized and it disappeared behind the coffee table because of its short little legs. I died. They make me smile so much.  *Katie*

Corgi in a tree

Lobster Corgi

Mama Duck Corgi

Sleeping Corgi

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

6 Apr

…with Best Friends Forever
This show’s pilot just aired Wednesday night on NBC (7:30p Central). It’s so hilarious; please set it to record on your DVR, you won’t regret it.  *Liz*

…with Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter
Holy heaven in a jar.  It’s like eating a giant tub of mashed up Reese’s cups, but it’s actually not incredibly unhealthy for you.  It contains no cholesterol, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no high-fructose corn syrup. It is also gluten-free.  Yum. *Liz*

Available at Whole Foods, Fry's, and Safeway

…with Mom-made Easter Eggs
My mom is super artistic and creative, and a couple of years ago she painted a bunch of wooden Easter eggs.  She gave a set to Colby and me; a girl one and a boy one haha. I pulled them out to put on my bookshelf at least two weeks ago and they make me smile every time I see them. *Katie*

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

30 Mar

…with this beachy wreath
I made it for a friend who lives near the beach in LA. I love the colors and beachy feel. Want one for yourself? You can order a custom wreath by clicking here or the View Liz’s Etsy Shop link to the right of this screen. *Liz*

…with this new favorite tune
“Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club
Apparently, it was released almost a year ago and we just now discovered it. Regardless, it’s a jam. *Liz & Katie*


Favorites from the Weekend!

19 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day/The Duce
Colby and I spent St. Patrick’s Day at a pool and on a party bus that stopped at four different bars: George and Dragon, The Duce, Boulders on Broadway and Devil’s Advocate. It was an adventure and our favorite spot was a new place that we will absolutely visit again! The Duce is a place in downtown Phoenix on Central & Lincoln that is huge, has an airsteamer for the kitchen (that serves delicious things like macaroni and cheese muffins), sells clothes, has a boxing ring, shuffle board, and obviously drinks. It was random and fantastic. *Katie*

Picture found online

Rhys Darby
Rhys Darby was at Stand Up Live which is at CityScape Downtown Phoenix. He was Murray on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords and his stand up was hilarious. I started crying-laughing when his voice when up an octave and he explained that by saying he had swallowed a woman and told “her” “quiet, i’ve eaten you”… It was hilarious at the time. *Katie*

21 Jump Street
I’ve obviously been a fan of Channing’s since his stellar performance in She’s the Man, and a huge fan of Jonah Hill’s since Superbad.  But these two together is like one giant, awkwardly-hilarious bromance.  They almost compete with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers.  Almost.  Anyway, this movie isn’t going to win any awards, but had some memorable moments and Channing even won Dave’s heart with his unexpected humor.  Props to Jonah for casting Channing.  He got the reaction he was looking for when casting the character of Jenko. *Liz*

Image via

Favorites from the Weekend!

5 Mar

Hiking Yoga
We’ll post about this later in the week, but we did an hour and a half of hiking with stops for yoga mixed in.  It was a great workout and start to our weekend! *Liz & Katie*

US Citizenship Party
It was a definitely a first, and a lot of fun!  A friend of ours, originally from Paraguay, officially became a US citizen and was sworn in last Friday.  Her husband and friend threw her a surprise party, complete with an all American potluck and decor.  We brought homemade macaroni & cheese, mmmm! *Liz*

This Means War
Ok, so this movie is not going to win an Oscar, but I had a great time watching it. In typical McG fashion it was over the top, had silly, musically charged action scenes and looked very flashy. Reese Witherspoon (Toth?) is always a good indicator that a movie will be enjoyable (I’ve totally blocked out Legally Blonde 2) and this movie had the help of Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. The whole thing was visually appealling and very funny. The boys even laughed too! *Katie*

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

2 Mar

…with Lemon Plums
My new favorite fruit.  These were displayed at the front of the grocery store last weekend and the produce grocer recommended I try them.  They are sweeter than a regular plum and really delicious on a warm day! *Liz*

…with Running On Happiness
A new favorite blog!  I found her via Pinterest; she has such great (and inexpensive!) style and takes great photos.  Anyway, check out her blog here! *Liz*

Running On Happiness Logo

…with Whiska’s latest commercial
It reminds me of Dave and Cookie Monster every time I see it! *Liz*


…with Butter nail polishes
These pretty polishes are a bit pricey at $14 a bottle but they have really nice coverage and I only need one coat. Today I am wearing Yummy Mummy on my hands and MacBeth on my feet. *Katie*

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