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DIY File Cabinet

24 Apr

Posted by: Katie

I have a little silver filing cabinet in my room to “hold all of my files”, as Colby likes to tease. I do have a lot of files. I am an adult. Ha.

So there it has been, sitting in my room, looking very industrial and only kinda matching my room because it is silver. So this last weekend I made it a lot more me.

I took off the handles in front and used painters tap to cover the holes and edges just in case my spray painting got out of control.

I spray painted the top and sides a gloss white.

I also sprayed the hardware white.

I had printed off a couple of sheets of black and white pattern I liked.

I used modge podge to put a light layer on the metal and put the paper on from top to bottom. Then I coated the top with two layers of modge podge.

This part took the longest.

The finished product:

Yay! It made my whole room look better.


DIY Dressed Up Keys

17 Apr

Posted by: Katie

This DIY is as easy as painting your nails! Without worrying about the opposite hand thing, so even easier!

I had three little keys I wanted to dress up so I got three different, but complementary, colors and painted the top with a couple of coats each.

I used a chunky glitter nail polish to give them a top coat and some sparkle.

Ka-pow. You’re done.

DIY Oxford Pumps

27 Mar

Posted by: Katie

I used to have the cutest pair of oxford shoes growing up that I wore all the time. Since then I haven’t owned a pair of oxfords but when I saw the J Crew Mona oxford pumps (on sale right now) I loved them, but thought I could recreate them at a much cheaper price.

The inspiration:

Oh yeah, that is glitter on those toes

I found these Joan And David black pumps on sale and they were perfect because they already had the oxford detail stitching on the toe and heel.


Joan And David Milestone pumps

I used painter tape to tape off the toe and heel and used white nail polish to paint two coats of white.

Two coats of white nail polish

Then I taped plastic saran wrap on the black parts and covered the insides of the shoe so I could spray a clear gloss on top of the white. Immediately after I sprayed the gloss I sprinkled white glitter on top. I let that sit for a little bit and removed the tape.


ooh la la

Sparkly little toes

I love the way they turned out. The glitter is subtle enough that I think they still look professional and it also covered any painting flaws. If they rub off at all I can easily add more nail polish and glitter.

Dip Dyed Office Supplies

21 Feb

Posted by: Katie

Boring office supplies contribute to a boring office. I have seen dip dyed utensils before and opening my mail at work with my plain silver letter opener made me think about dressing up my office supplies. I do like the look of rhinestoned office supplies (obviously, I am attracted to anything that sparkles), but to DIY, it could take forever. Plus, I have seen a lot of rhinestoned staplers in my day so why not try something a little bit different?

I started with three simple items; a letter opener, scissors and stapler remover.

I taped up the silver parts showing on the two items I wanted to paint a base of silver on. I thought creating a uniform color before the “dip dye” look would help them all look like more of a set, and would allow the pop color to be closer to one side.

Once the silver paint was dry I sprayed some hot pink at the top and used a relatively close spray. Be careful with spray paint so it does not actually drip, the drip will not completely harden and you will muck it up.  I let the three items dry on top of a paint can.

The final result was a dressed up version of my basic office supplies with a fun pop of color.

Pretty Pot

11 Jan

Posted by: Katie

I love having plants in my house but I don’t exactly have a green thumb so I normally only display the flowers I get from my sweet boyfriend or, like last month, the poinsettia I got to take home from my office. After the poinsettia bit the dust I decided to replace it with a pretty plant that I can hopefully keep around for a little while. I found a medium-sized Jade plant at A.J.’s that was already in a little clay pot with a dish. Clay doesn’t match my decor so I painted it when I got home. I just used acrylic paints in white, black and black sparkles.

Full disclosure: I originally thought I was going to do two black stripes on the pot, so I put two lines of tape around the middle and painted in between. When I pulled the tape off it looked like a jagged mess so I smooshed it. I think that’s the technical term.



I think that this will also encourage me to take better care of the plant.

Hostess Gifts

13 Dec

Post by: Katie

We are knee-deep in the holiday season! With all of the holiday parties that are happening I thought I would put up a little post of quick and cute hostess gift ideas. It takes a lot of work to plan a party so a little gift of appreciation is always a very nice gesture. Because it is also the holiday season, and almost everyone is on a budget, these are some ideas that don’t break the bank.

Trader Joe’s Bulb Kit
Cute little pots with something to look forward to growing!

Key Bottle Openers
This fancy little key is available at Cost Plus World Market.

Wine or Bottle of Alcohol
You can’t really go wrong here. Bring it by itself of dress it up with a little raffia, ribbon or wrap it up in fabric!

Picture from Pinterest

Something Sweet
Fudge! I made this last year and added crunched up candy cane pieces on top. I found little snowflake shaped white dishes from Michael’s and put fudge squares in for little gifts.  

Not the fudge I made, but very similar, and another cute idea!

Gift for a Relaxing Next Day
If you’re bringing a hostess gift to someone you are visiting this is a great idea, that way once you leave they can take time to relax and think about how much they miss you already!

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Trio

DIY Candles In Little Glasses

30 Nov

Posted by: Katie

I am big on smells.  I love perfume, men’s cologne and I love lighting candles. I am pretty particular about what I like, so when I find something I love I tend to stick to it. Bath & Body Works makes some of my favorite candles, the scents are strong and really nice. My favorites are Peach Bellini, Calypso Sun and Pineapple Orchid. I had burnt my Peach Bellini candle down as far as it would burn but there was still a pretty thick layer of wax left that I didn’t want to waste so I got it out with a knife and got creative.

Little guys

I found three little mismatched glasses that were different but all had the same theme and were complimentary heights. Michael’s has wicks with the metal bottom so I got a couple of those and some wax crayons to see if I could “dye” my white wax to be more festive. It had also gotten a bit gray on top because it had been burnt so that needed to be remedied. So I went to work without really knowing what I was doing. I broke up the candle wax into small pieces and microwaved it. At the end I put in a red crayon and heated it for 30 more seconds and stirred it together. After I put the wicks in my little glasses I poured the wax into the glasses and let sit. Piece of cake!

Candle Trio

I got a little excited and experimented  more with other wax I cut out of a cheap candle and different colored crayons .

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