Favorites from the Weekend!

7 May

It’s beginning to transition from perfect weather to summer weather here (steady 91 degrees) which means the pool water is finally warm!  We spent the weekend sunbathing in preparation for the summer trips we have planned.  Even Cookie Monster had her fair share. *Liz*

The Avengers
This movie was great! Colby was really excited about it so we went on Friday night and I would totally recommend it. I loved Iron Man and Thor so this was a nice addition to the mix. I laughed a lot and there was a ton of action for the guys. *Katie*

Non Cinco De Mayo Festivities
We were not intending on not celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year. We even started out with margaritas at Pedros. But then when the group of us were trying to decide what to do next we somehow settled on the girls getting dessert treats, guys getting more cocktails and Mexican beer, and us converging to play the game Apples to Apples at the pool. It was pretty fun and a non conventional way to celebrate the holiday. *Katie*


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