DIY File Cabinet

24 Apr

Posted by: Katie

I have a little silver filing cabinet in my room to “hold all of my files”, as Colby likes to tease. I do have a lot of files. I am an adult. Ha.

So there it has been, sitting in my room, looking very industrial and only kinda matching my room because it is silver. So this last weekend I made it a lot more me.

I took off the handles in front and used painters tap to cover the holes and edges just in case my spray painting got out of control.

I spray painted the top and sides a gloss white.

I also sprayed the hardware white.

I had printed off a couple of sheets of black and white pattern I liked.

I used modge podge to put a light layer on the metal and put the paper on from top to bottom. Then I coated the top with two layers of modge podge.

This part took the longest.

The finished product:

Yay! It made my whole room look better.


One Response to “DIY File Cabinet”

  1. Elisa Tue, May 1, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    This is AMAZING!!!! I am in love. Will you come do mine? 😉

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