Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Apr

…with my wedding movie
Holy cow, you guys, I spent at least 100 man hours piecing together all of the raw footage from our wedding into a 40 minute movie.  It looks pretty amazing though, Katie and her dad watched it the other night when we had family dinner and they both cried. Success! *Liz*

…with Breaking Bad
I know I’m a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon, but the show is so intense I can’t get enough.  In fact, I watched too many episodes one day and had dreams about cooking meth.  Probably gonna lay off for a while… *Liz*

…with Hualalai Cake
So in love, in fact, that Dave and I are going to Kona this weekend just to get some.  Fatties much?  Maybe I really am obese….  *Liz*

Oreo crust, Kona coffee ice cream, fudge. MMmmmmmmmm...

…with Congratulations Tulips from Liz
I put in my two week notice at my current job this past Monday! My last day is April 27th and the first day at my new job is April 30th! I am very excited about the new opportunity and love that it comes with prizes like these tulips! *Katie*

…with Corgis
I don’t have one myself, in fact I have never had a dog, but I think these might be the cutest little ones. The first time I ever saw one was at a house for New Years and its body was kind of normal sized and it disappeared behind the coffee table because of its short little legs. I died. They make me smile so much.  *Katie*

Corgi in a tree

Lobster Corgi

Mama Duck Corgi

Sleeping Corgi


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