DIY Oxford Pumps

27 Mar

Posted by: Katie

I used to have the cutest pair of oxford shoes growing up that I wore all the time. Since then I haven’t owned a pair of oxfords but when I saw the J Crew Mona oxford pumps (on sale right now) I loved them, but thought I could recreate them at a much cheaper price.

The inspiration:

Oh yeah, that is glitter on those toes

I found these Joan And David black pumps on sale and they were perfect because they already had the oxford detail stitching on the toe and heel.


Joan And David Milestone pumps

I used painter tape to tape off the toe and heel and used white nail polish to paint two coats of white.

Two coats of white nail polish

Then I taped plastic saran wrap on the black parts and covered the insides of the shoe so I could spray a clear gloss on top of the white. Immediately after I sprayed the gloss I sprinkled white glitter on top. I let that sit for a little bit and removed the tape.


ooh la la

Sparkly little toes

I love the way they turned out. The glitter is subtle enough that I think they still look professional and it also covered any painting flaws. If they rub off at all I can easily add more nail polish and glitter.


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