An Alternate to the Fishtail Braid

21 Mar

Posted By: Liz

If you don’t have the patience for the fishtail braid but still want something a little bit more fun than a traditional braid, try this out:

Image via

Separate your hair into three sections as if you’re going to start a traditional braid, but before you start, braid one of those sections and loosen it a bit.  Then braid normally with all three sections.  Once you’re finished, loosen it all over, make it look less refined and add some texture.  This style looks best when you already have some texture, like the day after you’ve curled your hair.  The first time I tried this, my hair was clean and straight, and almost immediately fell out. But it’s much easier than the fishtail and great when you’re in a hurry so give it a try!



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