Friday, I’m in LOVE…

9 Mar

…with NYX Round Case Lipstick
I’ve never been much of a lipstick girl.  In fact, I usually just apply some Spearmint ChapStick and call it a day.  However, I’ve been exploring some new beauty products and found NYX Lipstick.  With a vast array of color options and only costing $3.99 per tube, it’s hard not to try it!  I purchased Thalia and so far am loving it.  I apply chapstick underneath as to not dry out my lips, but the color is long lasting and doesn’t have that typical lipstick scent/taste.  I plan to buy a few more for Spring and Summer! *Liz*

NYX Lipstick: Thalia (Image via

…with Sleep Masks
My eyes are so sensitive to light that I really rely on a sleep mask to guarantee a good night’s sleep. A comfortable one is obviously a must because you don’t want it to be too tight or the material to be obnoxious in any way. My favorite is the Lambie sleep mask from Bath & Body Works which, unfortunately, is not sold in stores anymore but can be found online for a high price. It is satin and soft, and super cute with the little eyelashes on the front. I am going to make my own mask in the near future so watch for that DIY to come soon!  *Katie*

(Image via


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