Favorites from the Weekend!

5 Mar

Hiking Yoga
We’ll post about this later in the week, but we did an hour and a half of hiking with stops for yoga mixed in.  It was a great workout and start to our weekend! *Liz & Katie*

US Citizenship Party
It was a definitely a first, and a lot of fun!  A friend of ours, originally from Paraguay, officially became a US citizen and was sworn in last Friday.  Her husband and friend threw her a surprise party, complete with an all American potluck and decor.  We brought homemade macaroni & cheese, mmmm! *Liz*

This Means War
Ok, so this movie is not going to win an Oscar, but I had a great time watching it. In typical McG fashion it was over the top, had silly, musically charged action scenes and looked very flashy. Reese Witherspoon (Toth?) is always a good indicator that a movie will be enjoyable (I’ve totally blocked out Legally Blonde 2) and this movie had the help of Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. The whole thing was visually appealling and very funny. The boys even laughed too! *Katie*


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