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Friday, I’m in LOVE…

30 Mar

…with this beachy wreath
I made it for a friend who lives near the beach in LA. I love the colors and beachy feel. Want one for yourself? You can order a custom wreath by clicking here or the View Liz’s Etsy Shop link to the right of this screen. *Liz*

…with this new favorite tune
“Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club
Apparently, it was released almost a year ago and we just now discovered it. Regardless, it’s a jam. *Liz & Katie*



DIY Oxford Pumps

27 Mar

Posted by: Katie

I used to have the cutest pair of oxford shoes growing up that I wore all the time. Since then I haven’t owned a pair of oxfords but when I saw the J Crew Mona oxford pumps (on sale right now) I loved them, but thought I could recreate them at a much cheaper price.

The inspiration:

Oh yeah, that is glitter on those toes

I found these Joan And David black pumps on sale and they were perfect because they already had the oxford detail stitching on the toe and heel.


Joan And David Milestone pumps

I used painter tape to tape off the toe and heel and used white nail polish to paint two coats of white.

Two coats of white nail polish

Then I taped plastic saran wrap on the black parts and covered the insides of the shoe so I could spray a clear gloss on top of the white. Immediately after I sprayed the gloss I sprinkled white glitter on top. I let that sit for a little bit and removed the tape.


ooh la la

Sparkly little toes

I love the way they turned out. The glitter is subtle enough that I think they still look professional and it also covered any painting flaws. If they rub off at all I can easily add more nail polish and glitter.

Adventure Guide: New York, NY

22 Mar

Posted by: Katie

Last July Colby & I went to New York and spent a weekend in Manhattan then journeyed upstate. Getting there was quite the adventure. We had a connecting flight into Philadelphia  that after the most serious turbulence I have ever experienced (and I was in the lavatory for part of it standing up, holding the hand rail with a death grip and banging into every wall. It is so embarrassing and horrifying to think you might die in the bathroom) we landed but then they cancelled our flight, and every other flight that night, to NY due to weather. Colby and I were ready for our adventure to start so we rented a car with a crazy little lady we met at baggage claim and drove the 3 hours in the rain to NY. It was really a great time, we rocked out to tunes and talked to our travel companion about how she was an eyeglass designer and had just been in Lisbon that morning. We finally arrived at our destination, the Waldorf Astoria, and quickly unpacked my soaked suitcase (grrr) and left to explore. We had been a little too ambitious and after our day of traveling we ended up just going through Grand Central Station and walking around Times Square a bit before getting pizza and calling it quits for the night.

We have both been to Manhattan before but I am always down to visit everything. I love touristy things sometimes, not for the crowds or knick knacks, but the actual thing like, the top of the empire state building. Tourists go there for a reason, it’s awesome!

So if you have a day, or two, in the city that you want to use to hit some landmarks and enjoy some of the recognized parts of the city here is a short little guide that mirrored our trip.

Day 1:

Wake up early (ish – you are on vacation)  and go get a New York bagel for breakfast. We went to Ess-a-bagel.

We wanted to go back through Grand Central Station and Times Square in the daytime. When you are in Grand Central station make sure to look up at the ‘Sky Ceiling’ that shows the zodiac constellations of the nighttime sky. Times Square is always crazy but a must experience and excellent people watching. Quick tip: If you’re going with kids, Toys R Us in Times Square is a mad house but they have awesome things like a life-size Barbie house (oh yes) and huge Lego replicas of NY Buildings.

Walk on over to Magnolia Bakery and get a famous cupcake to go (we went to the one near Rockefeller Center) and head to Bryant Park. There are tons of little tables and chairs to sit and enjoy your cupcake. You can also see people playing chess and bocce ball and think about what this area must be like during New York Fashion Week. Backed up to Bryant Park is the NY Public Library. You might remember this as the place that Carrie was supposed to walk down the aisle with a big blue bird on her head in the Sex and the City movie, but it is also home to the Gutenberg Bible and Jefferson’s manuscript copy of the Declaration of Independence. We were fascinated to see all of different things that were collected there and would really recommend it to everyone.

Bryant Park

New York Public Library

Next stop was the Empire State Building. We just got the pass for the main deck on the 86th floor because we thought that was the best value and waited in line a little bit getting up to the top. Once we got there we were treated to 180 degree views of New York city and saw out to the Statue of Liberty. I think it is a great way to get perspective of the city and see where you have been and where you want to go. We even saw a proposal at the top!

Top of the Empire State Building

We made it back down and got on the subway down to the Financial District. We walked past Ground Zero and the One World Trade tower that is under construction and ended up finding a little restaurant right on the water. We were just in time to watch the sunset and with dinner and a pitcher of sangria that was bigger than our head. Cheers! We walked down Wall Street and found the Bull. We were in a great mood, full of sangria and there were barely any people around so we took a few pictures with the bull and I even got on top. Maybe don’t do that in the daytime.


We headed back up to the Waldorf and met up with my friend Tobey for drinks downstairs. It was a very stuffy little crowd so the boys ordered scotch, naturally and after a little bit we ventured out to find a bar. It was pretty late at this point, otherwise we would have gone to a rooftop bar but the ones Tobey knew of had been closed by that time. So we went to a bar somewhere around our hotel. I don’t remember which one. But another great thing about New York is that the bars don’t close until around 4am in the morning. We walked back to our hotel after the bar closed and made the mistake of eating a gyro from a street vendor near Rockefeller Center. Word of advice, don’t do that at 5am. We woke up the next morning feeling like ick.

Day 2:

Get breakfast and head over to Rockefeller Plaza to get to your reserved tickets  for the NBC Studio tour. You get to see the SNL studio, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Dr Oz’s set, etc and the elevators and hallways will remind you of scenes on 30 Rock.

We were still feeling a little bit like death but we hadn’t had breakfast and wanted to go to Central Park. If we had been feeling better we might have walked through a lot more of the park and hit some of the museums that are next to it like the Guggenheim or Museum of Natural History. But we were ready for a little relaxation so we found a nice little spot of grass, had a pseudo picnic, and I ended up taking a nap. I wouldn’t recommend this at night or by yourself because that would just get you burgled, but with Colby there I felt comfortable and got a little bit of rest.

Love sculpture on the way to Central Park

Central Park

After the little break we felt better and headed into The Pierre Hotel right at the corner of the park  for a bathroom break. There was also the  Bastille Day on 60th Street celebration right there which is an annual street festival that celebrates France’s independence day, July 14th.

We were hungry again so we made our way over to Serendipity 3 to get some food and try their famous frozen hot chocolate. There is normally a long wait here so we put our name in and went down the street to Dylan’s Candy Bar. If you like candy (like my lovely Liz) you are in heaven here. There is candy in the floors people. But they also have lots of souvenirs and you can scope the candy wall were celebrities put their favorite candies in little clear boxes and sign their names. We went back to wait for our spot at Serendipity and found that the frozen hot chocolate was worth the wait, once. We were glad to have tried it and we sat right next to the table in the movie.

Candy in the stairs at Dylan's Candy Bar

This is when we had to collect our bags from the Waldorf and scoot over to the NYC Port Authority where we took a bus (great discovery! we spent like $34 roundtrip for a two hour drive) upstate to Mohonk Mountain House near New Paltz for the week. I’ll write about Mohonk another time.

Catch you later NYC

An Alternate to the Fishtail Braid

21 Mar

Posted By: Liz

If you don’t have the patience for the fishtail braid but still want something a little bit more fun than a traditional braid, try this out:

Image via

Separate your hair into three sections as if you’re going to start a traditional braid, but before you start, braid one of those sections and loosen it a bit.  Then braid normally with all three sections.  Once you’re finished, loosen it all over, make it look less refined and add some texture.  This style looks best when you already have some texture, like the day after you’ve curled your hair.  The first time I tried this, my hair was clean and straight, and almost immediately fell out. But it’s much easier than the fishtail and great when you’re in a hurry so give it a try!


Favorites from the Weekend!

19 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day/The Duce
Colby and I spent St. Patrick’s Day at a pool and on a party bus that stopped at four different bars: George and Dragon, The Duce, Boulders on Broadway and Devil’s Advocate. It was an adventure and our favorite spot was a new place that we will absolutely visit again! The Duce is a place in downtown Phoenix on Central & Lincoln that is huge, has an airsteamer for the kitchen (that serves delicious things like macaroni and cheese muffins), sells clothes, has a boxing ring, shuffle board, and obviously drinks. It was random and fantastic. *Katie*

Picture found online

Rhys Darby
Rhys Darby was at Stand Up Live which is at CityScape Downtown Phoenix. He was Murray on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords and his stand up was hilarious. I started crying-laughing when his voice when up an octave and he explained that by saying he had swallowed a woman and told “her” “quiet, i’ve eaten you”… It was hilarious at the time. *Katie*

21 Jump Street
I’ve obviously been a fan of Channing’s since his stellar performance in She’s the Man, and a huge fan of Jonah Hill’s since Superbad.  But these two together is like one giant, awkwardly-hilarious bromance.  They almost compete with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers.  Almost.  Anyway, this movie isn’t going to win any awards, but had some memorable moments and Channing even won Dave’s heart with his unexpected humor.  Props to Jonah for casting Channing.  He got the reaction he was looking for when casting the character of Jenko. *Liz*

Image via

Favorites from the Weekend!

12 Mar

Desert Botanical Gardens
My mom was in town this weekend so we took her to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  I’ll post more later this week but here are some of the photos I took! *Liz*

My first Etsy sale!!
Katie and I both opened Etsy shops recently (check them out by clicking on the links to the right).  I had my first sale this weekend so I celebrated with champagne and strawberries! *Liz*

Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Dave made cookies just for me yesterday…EXTRA CRISPY!  They’ll be gone by tonight. *Liz*

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

9 Mar

…with NYX Round Case Lipstick
I’ve never been much of a lipstick girl.  In fact, I usually just apply some Spearmint ChapStick and call it a day.  However, I’ve been exploring some new beauty products and found NYX Lipstick.  With a vast array of color options and only costing $3.99 per tube, it’s hard not to try it!  I purchased Thalia and so far am loving it.  I apply chapstick underneath as to not dry out my lips, but the color is long lasting and doesn’t have that typical lipstick scent/taste.  I plan to buy a few more for Spring and Summer! *Liz*

NYX Lipstick: Thalia (Image via

…with Sleep Masks
My eyes are so sensitive to light that I really rely on a sleep mask to guarantee a good night’s sleep. A comfortable one is obviously a must because you don’t want it to be too tight or the material to be obnoxious in any way. My favorite is the Lambie sleep mask from Bath & Body Works which, unfortunately, is not sold in stores anymore but can be found online for a high price. It is satin and soft, and super cute with the little eyelashes on the front. I am going to make my own mask in the near future so watch for that DIY to come soon!  *Katie*

(Image via

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