Favorites from the Weekend!

27 Feb

The Oscars!
Even though they can be silly I always enjoy watching the Oscars. I love seeing the beautiful dresses and the fanfare of it all.  I didn’t see many of the movies that were nominated this year but I still did ok with my balet picks, had a good time deciding which dresses were my most and least favorite and judging who’s acceptance speeches were the most genuine. Here are my Oscar winners and losers. *Katie*

Best dress: Michelle Williams

Absolutely gorgeous in Louis Vuitton

Sassiest pose: Angelina Jolie


Best Presenter: Emma Stone

So funny

Least Favorite Dress:

Sheri Shepard, is that your bra? No visible undergarments at the Oscars!

Biggest Surprise: Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords fame, wrote the  Muppets song, ‘Man or Muppet’ that won Best Original Song. I was not surprised that the song won, just that he wrote it and glad that he won an Oscar!

80 Degree Temps
It almost felt like summer this weekend with 80 degree temperatures.  I did my fair share of sunbathing.  Cookie Monster did her fair share of going on adventures…and sleeping. *Liz*


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