Dip Dyed Office Supplies

21 Feb

Posted by: Katie

Boring office supplies contribute to a boring office. I have seen dip dyed utensils before and opening my mail at work with my plain silver letter opener made me think about dressing up my office supplies. I do like the look of rhinestoned office supplies (obviously, I am attracted to anything that sparkles), but to DIY, it could take forever. Plus, I have seen a lot of rhinestoned staplers in my day so why not try something a little bit different?

I started with three simple items; a letter opener, scissors and stapler remover.

I taped up the silver parts showing on the two items I wanted to paint a base of silver on. I thought creating a uniform color before the “dip dye” look would help them all look like more of a set, and would allow the pop color to be closer to one side.

Once the silver paint was dry I sprayed some hot pink at the top and used a relatively close spray. Be careful with spray paint so it does not actually drip, the drip will not completely harden and you will muck it up.  I let the three items dry on top of a paint can.

The final result was a dressed up version of my basic office supplies with a fun pop of color.


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