Favorites From The Weekend!

20 Feb

The Amazing Race!
It’s back! Dave and I have watched this show religiously for a long time and I’m so glad the new season has started. I’m even more excited because their first destination was Argentina! *Liz*

Eastbound and Down
If you have HBO you know what this show is about.  It’s pretty much amazing; Dave loves this show probably more than he loves me. In fact, he made us watch last night’s season premiere twice. *Liz*

I have always loved fish but for some reason have had an aversion to sushi. That has recently changed and I have been up for going to happy hour at Stingray. This last weekend Colby and I went to RA for sushi and had the “RA”llipop, “RA”ckin roll, the yellowtail and albacore Nigiri. I recommend them all. I know I am really late getting on the sushi bandwagon, but it was one of my favorite new things from the weekend :).   *Katie*

"RA"ckin roll - picture found on the internet


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