Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Jan

…with Funny Websites

  1. www.textsfromlastnight.comSeriously hilarious! I could read these for hours, similar to
  2. – Ok, so Dead Spin is some kind of sports blog that I couldn’t care less about.  HOWEVER, there is one small section call Funbag written by Drew Magary, and it is hilarious! Some of the questions readers ask are about sports (I skip those, obviously), but he discusses other fascinating topics that make me laugh so hard I cry. *Liz*

…with Phone Conversations with Katie

[while on the phone discussing Katie’s run-in with the girls from Target about using toilet seat covers to blot facial oil]
Katie: Yeah, so I went up to them and said, “You know what works just as well?  Toilet seat covers!” And they looked at me like this ……….[silence].
Liz: Wait, did you just show me what their faces looked like THROUGH THE PHONE?
Katie: Yah…you’re supposed to read my mind.
Liz: Well it’s a good thing I do, because I totally know what face you just made.

I love us. *Liz*


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