A Little Tip For Oily Skin

19 Jan

Posted by: Katie

I just wanted to share a tip I read about in a magazine a little while ago.  I told two girls at Target the other day and got the weirdest look ever. Sorry girls, I know people don’t like unsolicited advice sometimes, but I was trying to save you 4 dollars.

Sometimes when skin becomes a little shiny, girls reach for oil blotting sheets to gently press on their skin and remove the oil without ruining their makeup. Oil blotting sheets can run anywhere from $4.80 for the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to $18 for the Shiseido ‘Pureness’ Oil-Control Blotting Paper.

Want to know what works just as good as both of those products and costs nothing at all? Toilet seat covers. For reals. If you are collecting these from a public restroom don’t grab the first one, but choose one a couple of sheets back to avoid germs. If you have a real issue with that, you can still save money by buying your own pack of toilet seat covers and using those. One pack could practically last you a lifetime and you can cut them into squares to fit in your purse for whenever you need them.

Replace this

With these!


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