Friday, I’m in LOVE…

6 Jan

…with summer temperatures during the winter
It was 80 degrees on New Year’s Eve…and the next day…and the day after that…and it’s been in the 70’s every day since.  I can’t even tell you how great it feels to be warm again.  And I am fully aware that 50 isn’t even that cold, and it will likely drop again, but these past few days have been so wonderful.  It’s getting me excited for my upcoming trip to South America and all the trips we’ll be taking during the summer!  And SWIMSUIT SHOPPING!!! And summer outfits!!!! *Liz*

All from Victoria's Secret. Semi-Annual Sale going on RIGHT NOW!

Love these summer outfits (found on Pinterest)

…with 2012 Trip Planning!!!
So the other night Dave and I went through the 2012 calendar to figure out our vacations.  A lot of it is dependent upon flights being open and if we can get the time off from work, but we’ll be all over the country (and continent) this year!  We have South America next month, Maui in June, Maui for Christmas, and plenty of weekend trips to Santa Fe, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Richmond, Chicago, San Diego, and Cabo.  Tomorrow is the start of our 2012 travels; we’re heading to Park City, Utah to attempt to ski.  Neither of us has been before and we refuse to take lessons ($120 each? Nope.), so here’s to hoping I don’t come back with any broken bones (highly unlikely, btw, my bones are made of glass).  *Liz*

This better not be the bunny slope. I'm going to die.

 …with sparkly accessories (on sale)
I went over to J. Crew on my lunch break yesterday and found this sparkly little gem on sale! I am excited to wear it out and with jeans. *Katie*

Glitter purse, j crew, on extra sale now!

Have a great weekend!!

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