Pho a Delicious Meal, Try Vietnamese!

5 Jan

Posted by: Katie

Pho is one of my favorite things to eat ever! It is basically Vietnamese chicken noodle soup ( I get pho ga, chicken pho, but the most common pho is with beef) and whenever it is rainy here (which actually isn’t that often, but still, whenever it is) I feel like pho for dinner. It’s only been a couple of years since I first had pho and realized how amazing it was but since then I have become a bit of a wanna-be connoisseur. I have been to, I think, every pho place in Phoenix.

I strongly believe that the best pho comes from the shadiest of places. The sketchier the better. This might be confusing to the people who know me best and my food paranoias ( I will not keep milk out long enough for it to touch the counter or I think it has gone bad) but pho, oops for, some reason I don’t have that kind of mental block when it comes to Vietnamese food.

I also like that you can get creative with the name, ex. “Pho serious?”.

Favorite Pho in Phoenix and around the Valley

The authentic and mildly sketchy locations:

  • Da Vang on 19th Avenue, south of Camelback is generally fantastic
  • Pho Thanh on 17th Avenue and Camelback is my favorite of the moment.

We went to dinner there a couple nights ago and I took these pictures:

Feast! Colby's beef pho & my chicken pho with basil, bean sprouts, cilantro, jalapenos and lemons on the side

Spring Rolls

My favorite pho condiment is Hoisin sauce, but a lot of people love Sriracha

Delicious pho!

  • Maxim on 19th Avenue & Osborn has great pho but it’s location is the scariest to me so I go there the least.
  • Pho Avina in Glendale on Thunderbird and 49th Avenue is great and they also serve boba tea.

The nice places:

  • Cyclo in Chandler really breaks my rule on the shadiest places having the best pho. This place has awesome authentic pho, a nice atmosphere and a very friendly owner. It is a great place to take people to try pho for the first time because it is an all around wonderful experience.
  • For a huge variety of spring rolls I like Rice Paper, a cute, trendy restaurant on 7th St between Thomas & McDowell. They tend to run out of pho quickly so I only have tried it once, but the spring rolls were more interesting.

One Response to “Pho a Delicious Meal, Try Vietnamese!”

  1. Ashley Thu, January 5, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    What a “pho-tasticly” informative post about pho!

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