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Favorites from the Weekend!

23 Jan

Planning our South America Honeymoon
Dave and I spent most of this weekend planning our official honeymoon to South America!  We decided on the dates (and hope the flights stay open so we can fly standby…) and have planned out the destinations.  We’ll be spending a few days in Punta del Este (Uruguay), stop over in Colonia (Uruguay), spend a few more days in Buenos Aires, and then make a stop or two at the beaches south of there.  I even purchased my first travel backpack this weekend! CAN’T WAIT!!! *Liz*

I began my first sewing project this weekend!  I needed to fix a zipper on a dress so I figured while I was at JoAnn’s I would pick up some fabric and attempt making my first dress.  It’s not quite finished, but so far it looks great!  I plan to make a few more before our trip, so I’ll be busy all week.  I’ll post pictures soon! *Liz*

Essential Oils
I rarely remember to take advantage of my bathtub but this weekend there was the proper incentive from being sore and having a moment to relax. I used two complimentary essential oils, lavender and rosemary. Lavender is known to soothe the skin and calm the mind, and rosemary stimulates the mind and relieves tired muscles.  When I don’t have time for a bath I like mixing the oils with water in a bowl or my sink,  soaking  a  wash cloth and using that to steam my face. *Katie*

White Sangria
Friday I met some friends for dinner at 5th & Wine in Old Town. I tried the white sangria and liked it so much I ordered one at The Vig the next night. They were both delicious but the sangria at 5th & Wine tasted a little peachy and I love peach flavored drinks so much that it was my favorite.  I will have to attempt to make it myself sometime.  *Katie*


Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Jan

…with Funny Websites

  1. www.textsfromlastnight.comSeriously hilarious! I could read these for hours, similar to
  2. – Ok, so Dead Spin is some kind of sports blog that I couldn’t care less about.  HOWEVER, there is one small section call Funbag written by Drew Magary, and it is hilarious! Some of the questions readers ask are about sports (I skip those, obviously), but he discusses other fascinating topics that make me laugh so hard I cry. *Liz*

…with Phone Conversations with Katie

[while on the phone discussing Katie’s run-in with the girls from Target about using toilet seat covers to blot facial oil]
Katie: Yeah, so I went up to them and said, “You know what works just as well?  Toilet seat covers!” And they looked at me like this ……….[silence].
Liz: Wait, did you just show me what their faces looked like THROUGH THE PHONE?
Katie: Yah…you’re supposed to read my mind.
Liz: Well it’s a good thing I do, because I totally know what face you just made.

I love us. *Liz*

A Little Tip For Oily Skin

19 Jan

Posted by: Katie

I just wanted to share a tip I read about in a magazine a little while ago.  I told two girls at Target the other day and got the weirdest look ever. Sorry girls, I know people don’t like unsolicited advice sometimes, but I was trying to save you 4 dollars.

Sometimes when skin becomes a little shiny, girls reach for oil blotting sheets to gently press on their skin and remove the oil without ruining their makeup. Oil blotting sheets can run anywhere from $4.80 for the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to $18 for the Shiseido ‘Pureness’ Oil-Control Blotting Paper.

Want to know what works just as good as both of those products and costs nothing at all? Toilet seat covers. For reals. If you are collecting these from a public restroom don’t grab the first one, but choose one a couple of sheets back to avoid germs. If you have a real issue with that, you can still save money by buying your own pack of toilet seat covers and using those. One pack could practically last you a lifetime and you can cut them into squares to fit in your purse for whenever you need them.

Replace this

With these!

Pretty Pot

11 Jan

Posted by: Katie

I love having plants in my house but I don’t exactly have a green thumb so I normally only display the flowers I get from my sweet boyfriend or, like last month, the poinsettia I got to take home from my office. After the poinsettia bit the dust I decided to replace it with a pretty plant that I can hopefully keep around for a little while. I found a medium-sized Jade plant at A.J.’s that was already in a little clay pot with a dish. Clay doesn’t match my decor so I painted it when I got home. I just used acrylic paints in white, black and black sparkles.

Full disclosure: I originally thought I was going to do two black stripes on the pot, so I put two lines of tape around the middle and painted in between. When I pulled the tape off it looked like a jagged mess so I smooshed it. I think that’s the technical term.



I think that this will also encourage me to take better care of the plant.

Favorites from the Weekend!

9 Jan

We did it! Dave and I taught ourselves how to ski!  Granted, we read tutorials online and watched some YouTube videos, and received advice from friends and family. But we got out there and let our instincts take over.  I’ll post more details later this week! *Liz*

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I read the books so I was excited to see this movie.  It was very similar to the Swedish version and I really enjoyed it.  If you’ve read the book you know about Lisbeth’s story and what to expect, but if you haven’t just be prepared for a few gruesome scenes. Also, Dave has a massive man-crush on Daniel Craig.  He didn’t disappoint. *Liz*

Culinary Creations!
This weekend we made beer chicken for dinner one night with sauteed cucumbers and onions (I didn’t know you could saute cucumbers!) and garlic and rosemary potatoes. We also made homemade potato chips another day! We used a cheese slicer and also sliced them by hand as thin as possible and put them in a frying pan with coconut oil in it and waited until they were crispy and golden brown on the edges. Then put them on a paper towel and sprinkled them with ground sea salt. Fun in the kitchen 🙂 *Katie*

Hiking Camelback
This weekend was the perfect weather for hiking so on Sunday afternoon we went on a hike up Camelback on the Cholla Lane side because we had only done Echo Canyon before. *Katie*

O.N.E. Coconut Water
Coconut water is super hydrating and has natural electrolytes. I get dehydrated a lot so I have tried it a couple times hoping to love it and get quenched (ha) but most of the time I find it a little bit hard to drink. I tried this brand this weekend when I saw it at Sprouts. The first one I tried was the guava flavored one, and I liked it so much we went back and got the pinapple and regular flavors. I like it better than the other brands I have tried but I definitely prefer the guava flavor to the unflavored version. *Katie*

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

6 Jan

…with summer temperatures during the winter
It was 80 degrees on New Year’s Eve…and the next day…and the day after that…and it’s been in the 70’s every day since.  I can’t even tell you how great it feels to be warm again.  And I am fully aware that 50 isn’t even that cold, and it will likely drop again, but these past few days have been so wonderful.  It’s getting me excited for my upcoming trip to South America and all the trips we’ll be taking during the summer!  And SWIMSUIT SHOPPING!!! And summer outfits!!!! *Liz*

All from Victoria's Secret. Semi-Annual Sale going on RIGHT NOW!

Love these summer outfits (found on Pinterest)

…with 2012 Trip Planning!!!
So the other night Dave and I went through the 2012 calendar to figure out our vacations.  A lot of it is dependent upon flights being open and if we can get the time off from work, but we’ll be all over the country (and continent) this year!  We have South America next month, Maui in June, Maui for Christmas, and plenty of weekend trips to Santa Fe, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Richmond, Chicago, San Diego, and Cabo.  Tomorrow is the start of our 2012 travels; we’re heading to Park City, Utah to attempt to ski.  Neither of us has been before and we refuse to take lessons ($120 each? Nope.), so here’s to hoping I don’t come back with any broken bones (highly unlikely, btw, my bones are made of glass).  *Liz*

This better not be the bunny slope. I'm going to die.

 …with sparkly accessories (on sale)
I went over to J. Crew on my lunch break yesterday and found this sparkly little gem on sale! I am excited to wear it out and with jeans. *Katie*

Glitter purse, j crew, on extra sale now!

Have a great weekend!!

Pho a Delicious Meal, Try Vietnamese!

5 Jan

Posted by: Katie

Pho is one of my favorite things to eat ever! It is basically Vietnamese chicken noodle soup ( I get pho ga, chicken pho, but the most common pho is with beef) and whenever it is rainy here (which actually isn’t that often, but still, whenever it is) I feel like pho for dinner. It’s only been a couple of years since I first had pho and realized how amazing it was but since then I have become a bit of a wanna-be connoisseur. I have been to, I think, every pho place in Phoenix.

I strongly believe that the best pho comes from the shadiest of places. The sketchier the better. This might be confusing to the people who know me best and my food paranoias ( I will not keep milk out long enough for it to touch the counter or I think it has gone bad) but pho, oops for, some reason I don’t have that kind of mental block when it comes to Vietnamese food.

I also like that you can get creative with the name, ex. “Pho serious?”.

Favorite Pho in Phoenix and around the Valley

The authentic and mildly sketchy locations:

  • Da Vang on 19th Avenue, south of Camelback is generally fantastic
  • Pho Thanh on 17th Avenue and Camelback is my favorite of the moment.

We went to dinner there a couple nights ago and I took these pictures:

Feast! Colby's beef pho & my chicken pho with basil, bean sprouts, cilantro, jalapenos and lemons on the side

Spring Rolls

My favorite pho condiment is Hoisin sauce, but a lot of people love Sriracha

Delicious pho!

  • Maxim on 19th Avenue & Osborn has great pho but it’s location is the scariest to me so I go there the least.
  • Pho Avina in Glendale on Thunderbird and 49th Avenue is great and they also serve boba tea.

The nice places:

  • Cyclo in Chandler really breaks my rule on the shadiest places having the best pho. This place has awesome authentic pho, a nice atmosphere and a very friendly owner. It is a great place to take people to try pho for the first time because it is an all around wonderful experience.
  • For a huge variety of spring rolls I like Rice Paper, a cute, trendy restaurant on 7th St between Thomas & McDowell. They tend to run out of pho quickly so I only have tried it once, but the spring rolls were more interesting.
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