DIY Candles In Little Glasses

30 Nov

Posted by: Katie

I am big on smells.  I love perfume, men’s cologne and I love lighting candles. I am pretty particular about what I like, so when I find something I love I tend to stick to it. Bath & Body Works makes some of my favorite candles, the scents are strong and really nice. My favorites are Peach Bellini, Calypso Sun and Pineapple Orchid. I had burnt my Peach Bellini candle down as far as it would burn but there was still a pretty thick layer of wax left that I didn’t want to waste so I got it out with a knife and got creative.

Little guys

I found three little mismatched glasses that were different but all had the same theme and were complimentary heights. Michael’s has wicks with the metal bottom so I got a couple of those and some wax crayons to see if I could “dye” my white wax to be more festive. It had also gotten a bit gray on top because it had been burnt so that needed to be remedied. So I went to work without really knowing what I was doing. I broke up the candle wax into small pieces and microwaved it. At the end I put in a red crayon and heated it for 30 more seconds and stirred it together. After I put the wicks in my little glasses I poured the wax into the glasses and let sit. Piece of cake!

Candle Trio

I got a little excited and experimented  more with other wax I cut out of a cheap candle and different colored crayons .


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