Friday, I’m in LOVE…

25 Nov

My mother-in-law and I started at 6am (crazy, I know) but we got so much stuff at incredible prices.  All my Christmas shopping is now done AND I have everything to finish decorating!  I even got my hair done, crazy 50% deal going on at my salon (Par Exsalonce at CityScape) for today only. *Liz*

…with my Thanksgiving dining table.
Ok, I’m not gonna lie. Yesterday actually turned out quite well and I even had fun.  Maybe Thanksgiving is growing on me….maybe. I think my table decor turned out really well, too (post later next week)!  Can’t wait for all my Christmas decorating to be finished now! *Liz*

with quiet days at work.

Even though it’s not super fun to work the day after Thanksgiving, it is nice to not have too many client calls and a pretty slow day. I also saved money not doing any Black Friday shopping and hopefully finished digesting yesterday’s feast.  I am so excited for the weekend! *K*

Have a great weekend!!


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