DIY Bookmarks

17 Nov

I am sending my mom a book I just finished and thought it would be nice to include a fun bookmark to make her reading experience that much more enjoyable. I looked around and found the Nordstrom catalog, full of pretty things for me to cut up. The cool thing about this catalog (way to go Nordstrom) was that they focused on different types of women (the Chic Comedienne, the Timeless Eclectic, the Modern Sensualist, the Downtown Girl)  and then had reflections of their personal style in accessories, color palates and different pieces of clothing this type of woman might wear. So I got inspired to do a bookmark for each different persona and I think it would be fun to fit the book with the bookmark. When I start reading Mindy Kaling’s new book I’ll use the Chic Comedienne, if I wanted to read a classic about a zany lady I could use the Timeless Eclectic, etc. I don’t think I will put that much thought into it unless I am sending someone a book to read but they all have pretty things on them so they whichever one I pick up first would work for me. I have always loved cutting up magazines, it’s one of the things I do to relax. I would put all of my favorite clothes, hair, and makeup ideas collage-style into a binder. I think that in this new world of Pinterest that will go a little bit to the wayside, but I see a lot more bookmarks in my future.

I just cut up and glued the pieces onto a card stock the size I wanted my bookmark to be. Then I used a color copier to copy the front and back, glued them together and got it laminated.

The Chic Comedienne

The Timeless Eclectic

The Modern Sensualist

The Downtown Girl



One Response to “DIY Bookmarks”

  1. alou2 Fri, November 18, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    Wow! I love these bookmarks. They are so colorful and fun. Thanks for each one, I have a books waiting for them all. You are so creative and generous!

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