Giorgie Jewelry by Marina Pecoraro

8 Nov

While I was in NYC this past weekend we did less touristy things and really explored different parts of Brooklyn, where my sis-in-law lives.  She took us to some amazing restaurants (here and here), along with the Saturday food market, etc.  One really cool place we went was called Artists and Fleas.  It’s an indoor market where local vendors can showcase their goods.  Now, vintage usually isn’t my style, at least in clothing, so most of the items featured weren’t peaking my interest, BUT there was one jewelry designer that caught my eye, Giorgie Jewelry by Marina Pecoraro.

I believe they are a husband and wife team who design simple, elegant, and feminine pieces and my sister-in-law and I just fell in LOVE!  Because D was with me I knew I couldn’t just drop $100 on jewelry, so I grabbed their business card and turns out they have an Etsy shop, yessss.   They had so many more pieces at the market than are online, but I bet you could email and ask for specific designs.  Check them out, I think you’ll really like their designs and if you ever end up in Brooklyn definitely head over to this market!  Below are a few of my favorite pieces:

My sister-in-law bought this adorable necklace

Have I mentioned how much I love aquamarines? Because I do...



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