Happy Birthday K!!!!!!

25 Oct

HOORAY! Today is K’s birthday and she is going to have the best day everrr!!!! She already got a rad gift from her bf, the sweet sweet camera that she’s been drooling over for months, and she’ll get my gift tomorrow (she’s going to love it), so I hope she has a day filled with love and happiness and more gifts 🙂

Happy Birthday, BFF!

Ella and Grizzly wish you the best birthday, too!!!

I seriously wish this was true because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I forgive you for not being Jesus

Haha you aren't adopted but this made me laugh a lot!

To the girl I’ve known since I was 4, who built forts with me, had dance parties to Blink 182, can rap Eminem’s Lose Yourself with me, created the greatest dance video of all time, had and worked some sweet sausage roll bangs, constantly makes me laugh, and speaks to me in the form of laughs and awkward looks… I LOVE YOU!!!!! I wish you the best birthday ever!!



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