I Thought I Was Past Fart Jokes

4 Oct

I’m not going to talk about work too much on here, but I work at a  very conservative and professional place. I am the youngest person in my office and outside of lunch I definitely keep my silly locked up.

Today we had a really long morning meeting and I am, 1) not a morning person… at all and 2) was bored. So afterwards I saw my very professional and 40-ish year old friend Tom and complained a little.

Me: Oh man, that wealth advisory meeting was brutal.

Tom: Why, did you have a fart attack?

I thought I was above fart jokes but I seriously kept laughing about it all day.

Ps. If I am having a really hard time keeping my eyes open in a meeting or in class or anything like that, my secret favorite thing to do is hold my breath. You can’t fall asleep holding your breath.



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