Favorites from the weekend

3 Oct

Last minute trips to San Francisco! 
My husband works for an airline so we can fly for free as long as there is an open seat.  We wanted to go to Chicago to visit my friend but the flights filled up, so we decided to visit SF.  We have a few friends up there, along with his grandmother so we spent the weekend drinking, brunching and chatting.  Good times. *L*

Bay Bridge - View from our friends' rooftop patio

Dance party at Lucky Strike to 90’s music.
I am totally inspired to have a dance party to a compilation of the greats:  Whitney Houston (“I want to dance with somebody” or just by myself, either way I’m having a blast), Mariah Carey (“Fantasy” is truly one of the most feel good songs I can think of) and Beyonce (anything, I am obsessed). I like to move it, move it. *K*

I wanna feel the HEAT with somebodayyyyyy

New comedy with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt about……cancer?  I know, cancer and comedy typically don’t go hand in hand, but somehow they made it work. This movie is actually inspired on Seth Rogen’s real friend, Will Reiser (who wrote the screenplay), which makes it even more relatable.  It had its funny moments and its sad moments but most of all it was real.  Definitely a must see, just bring tissues.  I think you’ll love it.  *L*

New kitten –  Grizzly!!
I have a one year old little lady cat named Ella who is so sweet, but has lately been trying to get more attention by nudging things slowly off of ledges and the like. I was told she needed a friend. I mentioned the idea to my boyfriend thinking he would say “but you already have one”, but that didn’t happen, he said it would be nice to get Ella a buddy. He is very sweet. So we started looking around, and we found a little man yesterday that we took home and named Grizzly. He is a purr monster. But so far Ella hates him. The first night it was growling (guttural, yikes!), hissing and peeing!!! We are keeping them in separate rooms right now, but I can’t wait until they are cuddle buddies. *K*

Little Grizzly bear

Ella, looking like such a gentleman


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