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Happy Birthday K!!!!!!

25 Oct

HOORAY! Today is K’s birthday and she is going to have the best day everrr!!!! She already got a rad gift from her bf, the sweet sweet camera that she’s been drooling over for months, and she’ll get my gift tomorrow (she’s going to love it), so I hope she has a day filled with love and happiness and more gifts ūüôā

Happy Birthday, BFF!

Ella and Grizzly wish you the best birthday, too!!!

I seriously wish this was true because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I forgive you for not being Jesus

Haha you aren't adopted but this made me laugh a lot!

To the girl I’ve known since I was 4, who built forts with me, had dance parties to Blink 182, can rap¬†Eminem’s Lose Yourself¬†with me, created the greatest dance video of all time, had and worked some sweet sausage roll bangs, constantly makes me laugh, and speaks to me in the form of laughs and awkward looks… I LOVE YOU!!!!! I wish you the best birthday ever!!



Favorites from the weekend!

24 Oct
We have a big week ahead of us, guys.¬† It’s K’s birthday tomorrow, get exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!!!! K.Clarkson came out with a new album and I preordered because I’m awesome like that.¬† I am currently in the middle of a constant rotation, I plan to learn all the words to every song by the end of the day.¬†*L*

Destination Weddings

We went to SF for a friend’s wedding and spent all day Saturday playing tourist with two friends who have never been to the city.¬† My favorite spot in the ENTIRE city?!?!¬† Ghirardelli Square, of course.¬† *L*

Fun Fact: The Ghirardelli grandson went to my college.

Six bars purchased, four are gone in less than 24 hours. Sugartarians attack.

Nicest birthday present ever
C gave me my present early¬†ūüôā I LOVE to take pictures and I¬†am so so so excited to¬†start taking them with this!¬†¬†*K*


Friday, I’m in LOVE…

20 Oct

…with La Croix sparkling water
You might be thinking, water? Really? Yes, it’s one of my recent favorite things! I love La Croix sparkling water. It comes in different flavors but grapefruit and coconut are my favorite. Refreshing and great flavor without calories, sweetener or sodium…woot. I used to keep a constant supply of Pamplemousse Rose Perrier, and even though I still think it is great and comes in a pretty green glass bottle, this is a lot cheaper and comes in a convenient box. Important when you have to think about taking your groceries upstairs. *K*

I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend. Happy Friday!!

I’m a Hallo-weenie

20 Oct

Because I don’t like scary or gory things, Halloween for me doesn’t consist of haunted houses or scary movies.¬†You would think that because I am a Scorpio the dark and mysterious side of me would love all this stuff. Nope. I would probably have a heart attack if I went to a haunted house and last Halloween I went to a friends (really cute) Halloween party and thought I could be brave enough to watch scary movies. I got through The Crazies just fine, I tried to play it cool by looking away for the icky parts and sometimes just broke down and put my hands over my eyes. But then… they put on The Exorcism of Emily Rose. That¬†upset me for about a month. That night I made a friend come sleep with me because I was too afraid to even go into my bedroom. So this Halloween I am going to stick to my normal routine of¬†putting out¬†pretty and “friendly” decorations and watching Hocus Pocus.

The shiny black pumpkin is the one I picked up from the pumpkin patch. The blingtastic other two are from Michaels (fakies) so I rhinestoned them and will be pulling them back out next Halloween. It took a little while and I suffered a few hot glue gun burns but I really like the way they turned out.

Z Gallerie is one of my favorite stores and I love these spiders.

The BOO letters were another craft. Black and white and glitter all over! The skeleton hand is another spooky gem from Z Gallerie.

Hocus Pocus is also my all time favorite sick movie. Such a classic.


Friday, I’m in LOVE…

14 Oct

…with Suri’s Burn Book.¬† Seriously, this is one of the greatest blogs I’ve ever read.¬† Someone has decided to take on the persona of¬†Suri Cruise and express how she probably¬†feels about other celebrity children, her parents and¬†a day in¬†her life.¬† Check it. *L*

….also with:

I was blown aWAY when I watched this video. This little girl is such an entertainer. I am¬†so excited for her that even if she never does anything with her talent (which hopefully she will cause dammmnnnnn Gina, she’s awesome) she’s going to have a video of herself being so cool and sassy in a good way. She’s even wearing a nice pink princess dress and tiara. Just rocking it. I was also taken with the little blonde friend of hers. I identified with her awkward dance moves and think that is probably exactly what I look like when I am singing in my car. *K*

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, I’m in LOVE…

7 Oct

…with scarves!¬† Did I mention it’s finally fall!?¬† Here are six different ways to tie your scarf (#6 is my new fav):

Have a great weekend!!!


I Thought I Was Past Fart Jokes

4 Oct

I’m not going to talk about work too much on here, but I work at a¬† very conservative and professional place. I am the youngest person in my office and outside of lunch I definitely keep my silly locked up.

Today we had a really long morning meeting and I am, 1) not a morning person… at all and 2) was bored. So afterwards I saw my very professional and 40-ish year old friend Tom and complained a little.

Me: Oh man, that wealth advisory meeting was brutal.

Tom: Why, did you have a fart attack?

I thought I was above fart jokes but I seriously kept laughing about it all day.

Ps. If I am having a really hard time keeping my eyes open in a meeting or in class or anything like that, my secret favorite thing to do is hold my breath. You can’t fall asleep holding your breath.


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