DIY Gift Idea

27 Sep

Sometimes something comes up where you need to bring a gift or would like to show your appreciation, congratulations or well wishes. In those instances, it is nice to have something on hand. Gift tags with your sentiment on them are the perfect way to say what you want. Then when you put the tag on something almost everyone would like, wine or perhaps a little box of candy, you have a foolproof gift.


I have a stamp set that can be interchanged with an acrylic block that is pretty handy. I also used raffia ribbon, and two metallic ink pads. I stamped the card stock and used my finger with the extra ink on the stamp to make a messy border.

Happy Birthday Bottle

Oh my goodness, look how you are celebrating your friends birthday with a thoughtful Malbec.

Thank You Case

Give a big thank you with a big case of beer.

Happy gifting!



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